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FLorida EXpress Appraisers, Inc (FLEX Appraisers) was established by Kornel Racz in 1994. Kornel Racz is a State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser in the State of Florida and approved through all major lenders as well as FHA/HUD (FLRD2497) with over 35 years of concentrated field experience within the southeast region of Florida, including Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Palm-Beach County. Kornel Racz also has nationwide, retrospective and forensic appraisal review and QC experience through Fannie Mae.

FLEX Appraisers provides Full Appraisals (interior / exterior inspections with sketch & field measurements) and Drive-By Appraisals (exterior only inspection) or Hybrid Appraisals (an innovative approach to property valuation that combines the traditional full appraisal methodology with modern, data-driven technique by utilizing third party to collect data for the subject property) as well as Consultation and Field or Desk Review Appraisals depending on Your needs for all types of properties including, but not limited to: Detached Single Family Homes, Attached Single Family Homes, Town-Homes, Villas, Coach-Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Condominiums, Cooperatives, 2-to-4 Family Homes, Duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes, Manufactured Homes, Mobile Homes, Factory Built Homes, High-end / Unique Site-Built Homes as well as Vacant Land.

The purpose of the appraisal may include: Financing, Re-financing, Buying, Selling, Listing, Marketing, Re-locating, Divorcing, Investing, Building / New Construction, Market Value or Insurance / Replacement Value, Reverse Mortgage, Probate / Estate Sale, PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) Removal, Retrospective / Date of Death Value, Accounting / "Setting the Base", Real Estate Tax Assessment Reduction, IRS-Tax / Federal Lien, Lawsuit/ Litigation, Bankruptcy, INS / USCIS (Immigration & Naturalization Service / US Citizenship and Immigration Services), Government Programs (HUD “Housing and Urban Development” / FHA “Federal Housing Authority” / Flex Loan Modification previously known as HARP “Home Affordable Refinance Program” / HAMP “Home Affordable Modification Program”, Etc.), Short- Sale, Foreclosure Sale/ REO (Bank / Real Estate Owned), Liquidation / Asset / Equity Valuation, Eminent Domain, Highest and Best Use Analysis, Consultation, Second Opinion, Forensic Review, Due Diligence, Fraud, Violations / Compliance.

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